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About Solar Costa Rica
Our Mission:Solar Costa Rica is dedicated to reducing energy use and supplying renewable energy to clients throughout Central America.We believe it is our responsibility to future generations.

Our Solutions: (1) Provide detailed auditing of existing energy systems to determine the lowest cost activities to reduce our client's energy bills. (2) Install improvements to the clients mechanical, cooling, and heating systems that reduce energy consumption while maintaining comfort and efficiency. (3) Install solar, wind, or hydro energy generating systems to produce the power the client needs. (4) Monitor the energy system after installation to determine the effectiveness of the new energy program.

Our Board:

Jon Harrington, President
Mr. Harrington has worked in sustainable activities since graduating from Texas A&M in 1977. He was River Operations Supervisor of the San Antonio Riverwalk from 1978-1980. He operated Alpine Earth Center in Silverthorne, CO since 1981. He built his first solar powered commercial building in 1995. Mr. Harrington started Alpine Solar Design in 2008 and was certified as a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer in 2010. Before taking leadership of Solar Costa Rica, he operated Fuerzasol in Gaunacaste since 2011. He is dedicated to applying energy efficiency measures to reduce energy loads and install clean energy solutions to provide the most cost effective project for his clients.

Ed Furfey, Vice President
Mr. Furfey is an Electrical Engineer and Master Electrician. He is also owner of Just Solar and has installed over 200 MW of solar energy since 2010. He is dedicated to cost effective solar installations to clients like Walmart and IKEA. Mr. Furfey is interested in pushing solar power forward in Central America.

Joseph Tanner, Secretary
Mr. Tanner started his solar career in 1979, as co-owner of Sol-Com in Frisco, CO, USA. His skill at working on difficult rooftop solar installations in inclimate weather was one of the reasons he was chosen for the Astronaut Program with NASA. He has worked on the Hubble Telescope and has installed two of the four Large Solar Arrays on the International Space Station. Since retiring from NASA, he is a faculty member of the Aerospace Department of the University of Colorado.

Alan Harrington, Treasurer
Mr. Harrington is an environmental biologist currently working on songbird survivability in the face of Climate Change. He brings a conservation prospective to the Solar Costa Rica board.

Randall Soto, executive member
Mr. Soto is a Costa Rica and United States Citizen. He has been instrumental in establishing Solar Costa Rica's licensing through MINAE and Hacienda. He negotiated the contract to energize the first solar powered municipal water well in Central America. He has a son in the United States Air Force. He is dedicated to bringing solar power to US expatriates and Costa Rica Citizens.

Our Principal Staff:

Jon Harrington, President
Randall Soto, Sales Manager
Ing. Jose Sandoval Arce, Engineering Director
Mr. Arce graduated from University of Costa Rica, number one in his class. He is currently working on his thesis on Solar Power. He is a specialist in transformers and motors. This knowledge and his desire to bring energy efficiency and clean energy to Costa Rica has made him a key player in our business strategy.
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