Youth Energy Education

Presentation in Gym

TOLBY® program (turn off lights behind you) is a free energy efficiency education resource for grades 1 – 5. 

The program features a presentation with optional supporting activities, and aligns with Minnesota State Science Standards.

COVID-19 Update. We are currently offering in-person and virtual TOLBY presentations as well as a TOLBY trivia game that can be played with students after the visit. 

TOLBY posing in front of the CEE sign

At a TOLBY visit students learn about various energy and conservation facts. 

  • Energy basics, such as kinetic and potential energy, electricity sources, electricity use, and conservation actions.
  • Types of energy (eg, light, heat, growth).
  • Sources of electricity, and percentage of use.
  • How fossil fuels are made, with a focus on coal.
  • Transmission of electricity to our homes.
  • The value of reducing electricity.
  • Simple energy conservation actions to do at home and school.TOL

Contact us to schedule a visit.

More information and printable activities

  • Visit is about 30 minutes long
  • Good for at least 10 students, with no maximum.
  • Appropriate for grades 1 to 5.
  • Self-sufficient, no need for technology or equipment.

Is there a fee to host a presentation? 

There is no cost to host a presentation. This program is provided and administered by the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE), an energy non-profit in Minneapolis. Part of CEE’s mission is to educate the community on energy and energy efficiency. 

What are the space requirements? 

Presentations are usually in classrooms, multi-purpose rooms or a similar type of space. Space requirement depends on the size of the audience. There needs to be enough room for TOLBY to walk to the front of the classroom, as well as room for TOLBY and Emma to stand in the front. For three or more classrooms, we often like to hold the presentations in a gym, lunchroom or media center.  An additional changing room, close to the presentation room, is requested for TOLBY to change and wait in. This is usually a utility room, storage room, or empty classroom, and cannot be a public restroom. 

Do I need to provide our own technology or equipment? 

It is easiest if the presenter can use the classrooms screen and projector but we can also come with our own projector and computer. All that the school/ location needs to provide is a table to set the projector on and a screen. 

Do teachers/ adults need to be present during the program? 

Yes! We are great with kids, but we require a teacher or other school staff to supervise the students. 

How far do you travel? 

We will always travel to schools and locations within the Twin Cities Metro area. We are willing to travel farther, but it is dependent on scheduling availability.